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The fifth instalment of our Lunch Breaks Series is here!!!


We teamed up with Radzta again this time…. he got his Strat out and went crazy in the studio….The result was “Cunning” which simply smashes places and rocks out everywhere it is played….
Lunch Breaks Part 5 also features “Sub Parade” by The Random Scarves …. this is what a brass band would sound like if they played bass synths and odd weird wonky noises instead of trumpets and horns….. :o)

Source: SoundCloud / RandomScarves


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Favourited by Messe Jesse The Massive Dubstep Group Owner :)

Source: SoundCloud / Radzta

  • Question: WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST HUMAN MEMORY? - tumblrbot
  • Answer:

    I don’t have any Human memories, i cannot provide the reason why for the safety of this planet

The Best Halloween :)

The Best Halloween :)


What to do Hmmmmm what to say hmmmmmm

I’m just getting my head round this but will be adding some cool stuff on here for you to view and use at yor discretion along with highlights of bacondubs and all of my favorite things

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